Sell your airplane with LaFave Aviation!

Let’s be honest, selling an airplane can be a frustrating and arduous task. In fact, it is often much closer to a real estate transaction than an automotive transaction. Once listed on popular platforms such as Trade-a-Plane and Barnstormers, sellers are often inundated with dozens of calls and emails from tire-kickers with no intention of purchasing the aircraft for a fair price. Once a serious buyer is found, there are logbook reviews, inspections, appraisals, contracts and escrow. By the end of the process, many sellers are left frustrated and exhausted. Let us help!

LaFave Aviation is committed to making this process easier for both the seller and the buyer. We list and advertise your aircraft across a variety of platforms. We answer the dozens of calls from tire-kickers. We help to arrange for inspections, reviews and appraisals. We work to get the best price for your aircraft. Above all, we are committed to providing unmatched service and value to owners of piston single and light twin aircraft.

That all sounds great, but how much does it cost?

Great question! Unlike many other aircraft brokers who are focused on light jets and turbo-props, LaFave Aviation is specifically focused on piston single and light twin aircraft. As such, our services and fees are directly related to the needs of our clients! Put simply, we work to be the best value in aircraft brokerage for piston aircraft.

Our fee is 5% commission on the sales price of the aircraft with a minimum commission of $1,000 and a maximum of $5,000. This means that any aircraft sale over $100,000 is still just $5,000 commission.

In addition to the sales commission, LaFave Aviation provides the following listing options.

Bronze Plan - FREE

The bronze plan is Perfect for budget conscience  sellers or owners who wish to “test the waters” of the market before diving into a paid listing. With the bronze plan, no payment is required until after the successful sale of your aircraft! The Bronze plan includes the following listing service:

  • Advertisement with many high-quality photos on
  • Advertisement on popular social-media platforms
  • Simple (no-photo) ad on
  • Advertisement on
  • Local advertisement
  • Other listings and advertisements at discretion of LaFave Aviation

Silver Plan - $35/Month

The Silver Plan is a great option for sellers who wish to reach a wider audience than the Bronze plan by advertising on a popular aircraft marketplace. In addition to all of the services from the Bronze Plan, sellers can select ONE of the following options:

  • Fully-featured ad on (includes photos and full description)
  • Listing on Trade-A-Plane (

Gold Plan - $70/Month

The Gold Plan is the ultimate listing option for the owner of a piston single or light-twin aircraft. In addition to all of the services listed for the Bronze Plan, sellers who select the Gold plan will have listings in BOTH of the following marketplaces:

  • Fully-featured ad on (includes photos and full description)
  • Listing on Trade-A-Plane (

Are you considering selling your aircraft? Fill out the form below or contact and we can start the process! We would love to learn more about you and your aircraft and there is no commitment required. Looking to purchase an aircraft? Visit our consulting page!