Let LaFave Aviation help you find your next aircraft!

While selling an aircraft can often be stressful for an owner, purchasing an aircraft can be a daunting task – particularly if you are looking for your first aircraft! Between logbook reviews, pre-buy inspections, negotiation, and contracts, it is easy to get lost in the jungle. Adding to the chaos is the tendency for aircraft buyers to mistakenly overlook potential red flags in order to close the deal – either out of emotional attachment to the aircraft or a desire to get the complete the process. In the end, it is a stressful process which has the potential to cost buyers time and money if the proper steps are not taken. This is not how aircraft buying should be! This process should be the start of a rewarding adventure in General Aviation! Let us help you buy that aircraft!

LaFave Aviation will walk with you through every step of the aircraft buying process! Already know exactly what you are looking for? Great! we will take your requirements and requests and search the market for your perfect aircraft! Maybe you have a general idea of what your “mission” is but need some help navigating and selecting which aircraft model(s) are right for you, we can help there too!  Once we find your “perfect” aircraft we will then guide you through the process to make sure your “Diamond” is not just a polished rock! This will start with some general investigating. We will contact the seller and request additional information as well as copies of the logbooks. After reviewing the logbooks for any red flags, we will contact previous mechanic(s) in order to build the “whole picture” of the aircraft in question. Once we have verified details and we are all comfortable that we have found “the” aircraft for you, we will begin negotiation, working to make sure get a great airplane at a fair price! 

Once a successful preliminary negotiation is complete, we will complete a purchase agreement which is contingent upon an acceptable pre-purchase inspection. We will then help you select and coordinate a qualified shop to complete the pre-purchase inspection. This may be the most important step in the process and is an expense that is worth far more than the cost of not completing. In this step, a knowledgeable A&P mechanic will thoroughly inspect the aircraft for any major red flags. If any issues are found, we work with the aircraft seller to have the items fixed or selling price adjusted to reflect the findings of the inspection. In some cases, “walking away” from the deal is the best option for the aircraft buyer. In this case, we start back over and get back on the search!

Sounds like a plan! But what is your fee?

We thought you’d never ask! LaFave Aviation is owned and operated by aviation enthusiasts, we do this stuff for fun! We are focused on the piston single and light twin market, and understand our clients have very different needs and budgets as those looking for turbine aircraft. As such, we are pleased to offer this base service for a nominal flat fee of $999! 

Additionally, for $249/day + travel expenses, LaFave Aviation will travel to the location and personally view the aircraft or be present during the pre-purchase inspection if a buyer so chooses. This fee is less if the the aircraft is located in the Kansas City Area.

Are you considering purchasing an aircraft? Lets get to know eachother!

Fill out the contact form below or contact and tell us about yourself and your aircraft needs! There is no charge for a phone call or email conversation in order to determine if LaFave Aviation is the right fit for your aircraft search!